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The indigenous wildlife in Southern California are constantly looking for a new home due to urban sprawl. Basically we have taken over their territory. It has become very common for raccoons, opossum, skunks and even coyotes to try to move in with us by getting under our houses, inside our attics and crawl spaces to mate and find shelter.

Public opinion is that nobody wants to hurt or kill the animals, however, nobody wants to give them free rent either. We have a solution at Animal Trapping And Bee Removal. We can humanely trap the animals unharmed and remove them from your property. Then repair any entry points where they have gotten into your structure, making it almost impossible for them or any new squatters to re-enter.

Rats and mice can also be a problem. This is why we also offer rodent control. In some cases, you can even get non-lethal control measures, in which the trapper will catch and release the offending animal.


If you’re looking for an animal removal company in {Orange or Los Ageles county} regarding services such as animal removal, possum removal, dead animal removal, wildlife control, animal trapping, and bee control; contact us today!

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